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The Thyroid Paradox: How to Get the Best Care for Hypothyroidism

From an customer review:
Most of us who have suffered with thyroid disease clearly understand how difficult it is to get a doctor to listen to us when we tell them our symptoms and how we think our symptoms are caused by our thyroid. Many have been told, "It's not your thyroid. Your numbers are normal." Unfortunately, the doctors then rarely help us figure out what the problem is, so we go through life, sometimes for years, feeling miserable, and not knowing what the problem is. Dr. Rone explains the problem of modern medicine's approach to diagnostics (looking only at blood work) vs. the approach used by doctors before blood tests were available (signs and symptoms). He recommends that doctors should be using a mixture of both the modern and the old, so as to not miss patients whose numbers might not be that high, but whose symptoms are off the charts.