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Going Forward...

August 9, 2012

Tags: Miscellany

I have now posted my entire backlog of interesting topics. From this point forward I will post more discussions as queries come to me, and from time to time I may pontificate on some topic unprompted--mostly these will be medical issues, but on occasion I hope you'll permit me to veer into non-medical comments on politics, society, my other writing projects, etc.--jkr

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Fiction: Mystery
PI Sherry Russell vs. the reigning "Miss Nazi" in 1968 Huntsville, during the run-up to the Apollo moon landings
Dr. Rone's 1st Southern Noir novel
Hate crimes in 1967 Alabama; unflinching follow up to 'No Nice Girls'
Nonfiction: Health & Medicine
"A really good read for those that have been told they don't have a thyroid problem."

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